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About Exhibition

The Participants in the exhibition :


· Lighting designer

· Industries

· Architects and urban designers

· Electrical engineers

· Emergency lighting users

· Construction Engineering Organization members

· Beautification Organization of Municipalities

· Industrial designers


One of the biggest advantages of the exhibition held concurrently with the Iran Lighting Design Conference.

Visit population of 2,000 of which will be an exhibition. It should be noted that the announced crowd of lighting designer and Interested lighting industry

The exhibition area is 4700 square meters


تاریخ درج : ۱۳۹۵/۰۷/۱۱
زمان درج : ۱۴:۱۴
دفعات کلیک شده: 325

U.4, No.73, Eghbalpoor St., Simon Bulivar Blvd., Ashrafi Esfahani Exp., Tehran, Iran  Hamayesh Borna