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Exhibition Rules and Regulations

1. Chipboard structureis allowed for stalls over 24 meter square and stalls under 24 meter square are allowed to use modern modular structures (Master, Maxima, and Tetris stalls) in case of need for special stalls.

2. Self-structured stalls must use low-consumption or LED lamps for lighting.

3. The below materials are prohibited for stall setup:

Any kind of materials such as plaster, cement, any kind of sand, pumice, mineral pvk, mineral grains, gravel, any kind of soil, asphalt, gypsum drywall, block or any similar kind of material.

4. Use of any kind of machineries such as chain saw, cutting device, welding device, wind pump (20 liter above), paint spray gun or any supplementary instruments or any similar kind of instruments are prohibited inside the exhibition halls and yards.

5. Any kind of raw iron is prohibited for stall setup.

6. While setting up stallwalls and whilevacating,the stall holders must cover the floors and the section beneath the walls properly so that there would be no damage to the hall floors.

7. Working in corridors along stalls or occupying them as a depot or keeping stalls parts is prohibited.

8. Stallholders are not allowed to paint a large part of their stall. They are allowed to paint only to a limited extend for repairing in the period for stall setup before the exhibition runs. Hence, they must take the necessaryprinciples into account so that there would be no damage to the exhibition building or lateral stalls.

9. Stall builder must build all the stall parts in his workshop previously and must take the parts into the exhibition hall for assembling only. Use of tools for assembling must be in such a way that they would not pollute the hall atmosphere, damage the flooring or other stallsholders' equipment around. In case of detecting stall setup out of theaforementioned principles in this clause, the damagescausedshall be reduced from the holder from the agreed guaranteed source on the basis of his diagnosis,in addition the continuation of the stall setup process shall be banned.

10. The allowed height for stall setup is 280 centimeter around and 350 centimeter in the middle of the hall.

11. Avoid dumping stuff, tools and materials around other stalls during stall setup.

12. Any kind of hanging or getting support from the structures, pillars inside and outside the halls is prohibited. Coordination with the exhibition manager in charge present in the exhibition is obligatory.

13Installing any kind of advertisement posters outside the stall area requires permit acquirement from exhibition in charge holders.

14. All the stuff and wastes must be taken out of Olympic Hotel Exhibition hall after stall setup.

15. In case the damage inflicted is more than the guaranteed amount, stalls products shall not be allowed to be taken out.

16. All the self-built with the builder name with the measurements must be delivered to the hall technical officer in charge 4 days prior to hall leave.

17. Exhibition opening hours shall be adjusted and executed by coordination of exhibition manager Olympic Hotel administrators in charge. 

18. In case of any difference between the confirmed stall design and the design in setup process, the continuation of the setup process shall be banned.


Full Name: ____________________, Representative of ____________________ Company

I may hereby claim to have studied the Exhibition Rules and Regulations and agreeand corroborate the clausesabove.


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